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2022 03 04  Dr. Paulius Čerka, Head of Čerka & Partners Law Firm and Associate Professor at VMU TF, was appointed to the list of conciliators of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) by the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania on 4 March 2022.

ICSID was established in 1966 under the Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes between Individual States and Nationals of Other States and is an independent, depoliticised and effective dispute settlement institution. Its accessibility to investors and States helps to promote international investment by providing confidence in the dispute settlement process. ICSID provides for the resolution of disputes by conciliation, arbitration or fact-finding. Lithuania joined ICSID in 1992.

2020 Jurgita Grigienė and co-authors published an article:

Švagždienė, Biruta; Perkumienė, Dalia; Grigienė, Jurgita; Bilan, Svitlana. Characteristics of service quality evaluation in rural tourism sector: case of the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Poland) // Transformations in business & economics = Verslo ir ekonomikos transformacijos. Brno, Kaunas, Riga, Vilnius : Vilniaus universitetas., vol. 19, no. 2A (50A), p. 495-510.

2020 Jurgita Grigienė published an article „Parallel import of pharmaceutical preparations in Lithuania: what makes these preparations unique and why” // Farmacija ir laikas.2020 No. 3-4

2020 Jurgita Grigienė with Paulis Čerka published an article. Kaunas ; Berlin : Vytautas Magnus university ; Sciendo. , 2020, vol. 13, iss. 1, p. 24-50.

2020-02-19 Jurgita Grigienė gave a presentation at the Faculty of Pharmacy of LSMU for pharmacists on „Parallel import of pharmaceutical products”.

2019 Jurgita Grigienė together with Paulius Čerka published an article. Can a parallel importer rebrand pharmaceutical products in the EU? // Baltic journal of European studies. Warsaw : De Gruyter Poland., 2019, vol. 9, iss. 1, p. 57-76.

On the 14th of September advocate assitant of advocates bureau Čerka ir partneriai Vygantas Malinauskas defended his dissertation “Theoretical and methodological aspects of ensuring a balance between human rights and public interest”.

On the 15th-16th  of June 2018 the attorney  Paulius Čerka participated in Iternational Workshop on Technology and Fundamental Rights in Stockholm, Sweden, where he presented the paper „AI as a subject of criminal law: necessity and obstacles”.

On the 2nd of January 2018 the daily newspaper published the article „Communicators with the world: this position lays responsibility toward the state and the people”,  in which the attorney and the Honorary Consul for Sweden Jurgita Grigienė presented her thoughts on the activities, duties and privileges of honorary consuls

In autumn semester 2017 attorney Paulius Čerka tought Intenational investment law at Vytautas Magnus University.

In October 2017 attorney  Paulius Čerka conducted training courses for teh Lithuanian Chamber of Auditors.

On the 13th of October 2017 attorney Jurgita Grigienė presented the paper „Whether the parallel importer of phramaceutical products in EU infinges rights of trade holders?” in international scientific conference organized by Vytautas Magnus University, Law faculty.

Ob the 18-21st of September 2017 Honorary Consul of Sweden in Kaunas participated in the meeting of Honorary Consuls of Sweden,where she received the Polar Star (Knight of the First Class).

On the 9th of June 2017 atorneys Jurgita Grigienė and Paulius Čerka participated in the international scientific conference „Contemporary Crime in a Global Business Environment” organized by  the Faculty of Law of  Vytautas Magnus University with the paper „Understanding the Carousel Tax Scheme in EU and Lithuanian Jurisprudence”.

On the 26th of May 2017 attorney Jurgita Grigienė presented the paper „Shall the Premises of Honorary Consulate be Exempt from Real Estate Taxes?” in the international conference „Possibilities of Legal Cooperation in Eastern Europe”, in the University of Białystok, Poland.

On the 24th-28th of May 2017 Donata Berūkštienė presented her paper „Structural Types of Lexical-Bundles in Court Judgments in English and Lithuanian: a
Corpus-Driven Analysis“ in the international conference ICAME38 „Corpus et Orbis: Interpreting the World through Corpora“ organized by Charles University, Praha, Czeck Republic.

In May 2017 attorneys Jurgita Grigienė and Paulius Čerka published an article  “Is it possible to grant legal personality to artificial intelligence software systems?”Computer Law & Security Review: The International Journal of Technology Law and Practice.

In May 2017 the book „The Law of the Baltic States” whose co-authors are attorneys Jurgita Grigienė and Paulius Čerka was published.

On the 10th of May attorney Jurgita Grigienė participated in the seminar on the parallel import of goods organized by BAFPD, UK.

On the 9th – 16th of April 2017 Dovilė Stankevičiūtė participated in International rounds of the International Law Moot Competition „Jessup” in Washington, USA.

On the 25’th of February in the Senate meeting Dovilė Stankevičiūtė was awarded a honorary scholarship of Vytautas Magnus University for her public activity.

In January 2017 attorney Jurgita Grigienė published the article “Which court to apply to regarding the establishement of the child’s domicile in the Europian Union?”.

In the end of 2016 attorney Jurgita Grigienė and attorney Paulius Čerka published an article “Determinig jurisdiction in international child custody cases”. //“Derecho de familia: Nuevos retos y realidades”, 137-143.

In 2016 Tomas Juodeikis gave lectures on legal discourse, law of civil procedure, commercial law and international commercial law at Vytautas Magnus University.

In 2016 Donata Berūkštienė gave lectures on English syntax, translation of subject-specific texts from English and German, writing a research paper at Vytautas Magnus University.

In 2016 Toma Sajienė lectured about labour law and ethics at Vytautas Magnus University.

In November 2016 Jurgita Grigienė and Paulius Čerka visited University of Zagreb in Croatia.

In October 2016 Dovilė Stankevičiūtė participated in the International Law Moot Competition training in Nikosia, Cyprus.

In September 2016 Jurgita Grigienė was an opponent of doctoral dissertation at Latvian University in Riga.

In September 2016 Dovilė Stankevičiūtė together with Vytautas Magnus University organised a discussion with pupils from Kaunas schools about the relation between the state’s security and a person’s privacy in annual science festival.

In June 2016 Jurgita Grigienė and Paulius Čerka presented a paper  “Whether Rebranding of Pharmaceutical Products Which Are Marked with Personal Name Infringes the Right of that Person?“ in the conference at the Torun University, Poland.

In June 2016 Donata Berūkštienė participated in VII’th Inernational FLaRN (Formulaic Language Research Network) Conference in Vilnius where she delivered a conference paper „Lexical Bundles in Court Judgments: a Corpus-Driven Analysis“.

In May 2016 Tomas Juodeikis gave a lecture on principles of international contracts at University of Anadolu, Turkey.

In April 2016 Dovilė Stankevičiūtė participated in International rounds of the International Law Moot Competition „Jessup” in Washington, USA.

In February 2016 m. Dovilė Stankevičiūtė together with the team from Vytautas Magnus University won the 2’nd place in the European round of the International Law Moot Competition „Jessup” in Vienna, Austria.

In June 2015 m. Donata Berūkštienė participated in international scholarly conference “10th Conference on Legal Translation, Court Interpreting and Comparative Legilinguistics” in Poznan, Poland, where she presented a paper “Cohesive Devices in English and Lithuanian Contracts: a Corpus-Based Analysis”.

In September 2015 Jurgita Grigienė gave lectures on international civil procedure at the University of Orebro, Sweden.

In September 2015 Dovilė Stankevičiūtė participated the International Law Moot Competition training in Nikosia, Cyprus.

In April 2015 Donata Berūkštienė participated in international conference Tell Me 2015 “Thought Elaboration: Linguistics, Literature, Media Expression: Tell Me 2015” in Kaunas where she presented a paper “The Language of Contracts: Expression of Obligations and Rights in English and Lithuanian Contracts”.

In 2015 Jurgita Grigienė, Paulius Čerka and Gintarė Sibirkytė published an article „Liability for damages caused by artificial intelligence“//Computer Law & Security Review 31 (2015) 376 -389.

In 2015 Donata Berūkštienė gave lectures on English syntax, English history, English Morphology and supervised qualifying practice at Vytautas Magnus University.

In 2015 Tomas Juodeikis gave lectures on legal discourse, law of civil procedure, commercial law and international commercial law at Vytautas Magnus University.

In 2015 Toma Sajienė gave a lecture on professional standards of relationship between a lawyer and a client at Kauno Kolegija.