Advocates Bureau

Čerka ir partneriai (former J. Grigienės) advocates bureau was established in 2002. The firm provides services in all major fields of business law. Attorneys offer advice and counsel to meet the needs of our many corporate clients. Among our clients are entrepreneurial start up enterprises, well-established, closely-held companies and publicly-owned companies. From the start of its activity, lawyers have represented individual clients in a wide variety of private client specialties.

1. Starting a business in Lithuania.
2. Assisting in concluding and terminating labour contracts with employees.
3. Registering property in all public registers.
4. Preparing and enforcing contracts.

Individuals are most often represented by our attorneys in management of the companies, taxation, estate planning and administration and real estate practice areas: Corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, finance, securities, privatisation, property law, competition law, litigation and arbitration are the principal areas of the firm’s practice. We represent and assist investors  in :

5. Representing clients interests in the Revenue Office.
6. Protecting investors interests in all courts.
7. Closing a business.